Defying Gravity! The first Trampoline Lesson…

7 May

So, last night was the first of what may be many trampoline lessons; I loved it so much I think I may just have to keep it on!

I’ve signed up for a half-term (4 weeks) with Comberton Tiggers, with the opportunity to extend to a full term at the beginning of June. When I arrived (after a full tour of the leisure centre due to me getting lost), I was faced with 4 massive trampolines and lots of bouncing, twisting, twirling and giggling young trampolinists! Luckily I wasn’t in this group, as even 5 year olds could bounce better than I could ever bounce! So once they had finished it was time for the adult group. I was introduced to the head coach, Andie and commenced some warm-up activities.

In last nights group there was me, three other girls (ages 15, 17 and 20) and one adult guy. As there were four trampolines we trained on a rotation so everyone got a break and everyone got several sessions with Andie. At first I was taught the basics by the guy (I can’t remember his name oops – lets just call him John Doe for now). He taught me how to bounce safely (arms down, toes pointed) and how to get some height (arms up when jumping, arms coming down to your side when returning). He then showed me how to stop safely (using your knees, when returning you bend them). I had to always fix on a spot straight ahead of me and only face in one direction unless twisting. I then used the next 15 minutes or so to practise some basic moves such as a Straddle Jump, Pike Jump, Tuck Jump and Seat Drop, to do these you have to put in 3 preparational bounces first to get a little bit (not too much) height:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then had a session with Andie who tried to get me to perfect these moves as she got out of me that I used to dance (“You’re not a beginner are you? I can tell you’ve done some kind of form work before because you have that posture and elegance in your jumps – swimming – dance? You can’t call yourself a beginner if you’ve done dance before – now do those moves like you would in dance!) Andie is a tough coach lol but she’s right, I could do these moves when I danced so I should be capable on a Trampoline – however, these are no normal trampolines – they shoot you way higher than normal! It was tough but eventually I started perfecting them to Andie’s approval! I totally didn’t expect to stretch myself as far as I did and it made me realise that I hadn’t lost my flexability at all, it was all still there but I had to feel weightless to take the pressure and stretch off the muscle. So after a bit more jumping and move perfecting she then got me to do a half and full turn (basically like a Pirouette but without the turning out of the legs). At first I started with my arms up to focus on the turn, and then after I got the hang of it I started with my arms down, throwing them up at the point of turn and then bringing them down again when returning.

The rest of the lesson was basically learning how to perfect these moves myself until I had got some confidence to put them into a routine – that means combining all the moves together with one or two bounces in between – it was god damn hard!! Being able to control my jumps (not get too much height) to be able to put in the moves and keep it steady was really challenging and I only managed to do a full set once without any hiccups – but hey – I guess its pretty good for a first time eh? lol

I must say though, the three girls (who are all at competition level) were something to aspire to – some of their routines were amazing! Next week Yvette is joining me and so there WILL be videos of us both practising AND pictures as I’ll have someone to take em! lol So until next time, k k k keep, b b b b bouncing!

P.S – I ache like hell today – but Andie did warn me I would… Great. . .


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