“Christ I just blancmanged…wobble!”

15 May

So here’s the exciting thing, we were allowed to film each other and some of the other competition-level trampolinists and below is enough bounce-action to keep u all going til next time! đŸ˜€ As I know this is what you were all hotly anticipating…us making an arse of ourselves – which I did fantasically! lol

Friday saw the 2nd lesson in Trampoline and it also saw Yvette’s first lesson. We both went over what I did in last weeks lesson whilst Yvette caught up and I had to teach Yvette some of the things – which was scary considering I’d only learnt how to do them a week ago! But Andie is big on getting people to coach whilst side-lining when it’s someone elses go. Yvette did pretty well! Obviously we’re still beginners so still a bit touch and go in places but I think we’ve gotta get over the fact that it feels higher than it actually is – cos it is the height that puts u off and makes u muck up positions! lol

Towards the end Andie taught me how to do a front drop using a crash mat which is used whenever anyone tries a new move that  requires a hard drop on a trampoline, (like a flip or twist – u should have seen my face when she brought it out and I was thinking – no not a flip im not ready yet!) as I know from experience it damn hurts if you don’t do it properly! I managed it quite well and practised turning it from a crouched bounce and drop to a crouched bounce, drop and return (onto feet)!


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