The wonderful thing about Tiggers…They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy – Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

13 Jun

So Friday 10th June was mine and Yvette’s last bounce together at Comberton Tiggers! (But don’t worry on Monday 20th June I start coached Swimming lessons over 8 weeks, for some more blogging joy!)

We have both thoroughly enjoyed it – I can’t speak for Yvette but I know I definately want to carry it on – even if it’s only every other week while I complete the other sports. It’s been a pleasure being taught by Andie and I’ve learnt so much in only 4 weeks!!

For our lesson we perfected some of the moves we’d learnt before, and Andie taught me a new one – a twisted seatdrop – basically a half turn straight down into a seat-drop. It took me ages to get my head around it before i could figure out how to make my body do it – its one thing to watch someone else do it but then my brain just couldn’t work it out! lol

Andie then told us to work on a 10 bounce routine incorporating all of the moves we’d learnt, for the remainder of the lesson; which is much harder than it sounds! We were so puffed out by the end I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, and putting the moves one after the other makes alot of room for error – for example, I was coming out of a twist into a seat drop but somehow it went wrong and I ended up literally doing a flip! lol I got a nasty neck-snap from it!

So in the end I managed to piece together a rountine, which went like such…(a seat-drop is classed as two bounces, first 3 bounces don’t count)

3 preperatory bounces into twisted seat-drop, bounce, straddle, pike, bounce, full turn, bounce, seat drop, bounce, tuck, finish (it was slightly over 10 bounces but it looked damn good at the end!) hehe I still need to work on a few moves though (I still can’t get my seat-drops right) but then I suppose thats why I need to continue! Perhaps one day I’ll be twisting and flipping? pah whatever!

As most of you know I’m relocating to Bath for a new job, so I’m throwing myself in the deep end by starting a new sport too! Therefore my next Gold Challenge sport is on Monday 20th June when I will start Swimming lessons – yikes! – for 8 weeks!! Until next week folks…!


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