An Underwater Adventure (or near death experience?)!

20 Jul

So, it’s a bit late as I’m now 5 weeks into it but I’ve started my next challenge which is. . . SWIMMING! WOOOOOOOOOO (or not) My first session was tough – very tough!! I couldn’t believe how UNFIT I was – I was huffing and puffing and moaning and groaning – a 50m pool is tough going when your not a strong swimmer – let alone having not swam for YONKS! I am currently doing one hour a week followed by a few half hour sessions at the gym each week here and there.

The poor coach bless him, he was trying so hard to help me and get me more confident going underwater, but I was just having none of it – he even let me borrow a float and his goggles so I could practise my breathing underwater – did it help? Maybe but I’m still not seeing much improvement! However I can now swim for a solid hour – which is amazing considering how badly my first session went! So my aim for these last 3 weeks is to just get fitter and try to swim as much as possible, as well as I possibly can!

I would put pictures and videos up – but really, swimming isn’t the best thing to document via those methods! Camera by water…me in a Bikini with no makeup looking like I’m about to die – nope not happening! So unfortunately this sport is undocumented!

I haven’t decided what my next sport after Thailand will be. . .as it’ll start getting into the winter months maybe I’ll take the indoor ones? Maybe give Archery a go in Autumn, then Tennis, Fencing, Judo and Taekwondo in the winter, with Rowing, Canoeing and Equestrian in Spring 2012?

I’ve also joined up to the gym recently – started Yoga (yup thats exactly how I look doing it!), Pilates, Zumba, Swimming and Gyming, so my fitness levels should hopefully increase for the more adventurous sports – such as rowing! Other than that there’s not much of an update atm peeps – oh I need to book my next horse-riding session – so that may be my next post. Check back after Thailand for more sporting goodness! xxxx


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