Self Defence and Blocking: The Saturday Night Punch…

14 Nov

Blog Post Number 2:

Taekwondo 4th lesson!

Today’s lesson involved another intense warm-up where I was helped through by a member of the club. We then got paired off (I was with a guy who hadn’t been in a while, but think he was quite a high-up coloured belt) and we went through some blocking routines 1, 2 and 3 (we did try 4th but I couldn’t remember it!)

These basically involved an attacker who punched, and a victim who blocked those punches. For the attacker it normally involved 3 Fist lead arm straight punches towards the victim, and for the victim it involved blocking these 3 punches and a lead arm straight punch towards the attacker at the end – aimed at their torso, nose or a chop to the neck (known as a Knife Hand Strike to the Neck). I particularly liked that move!

The blocks were an outward block, an inward block and perhaps a low block? I wasn’t too sure, all I knew was that it was tricky remembering which way you had to put your arm and which arm you started with to end in the correct position! And as they were all kind of the same (just with your arm/fist facing a different way) they merged into each other so when it was time to do 1, I was doing 2 instead and such likes!

This pretty much filled the lesson and we both had fun trying to remember things, me the routine and my co-ordination again, and the guy helping me had to think how to teach me, which is hard as when he was teaching me say, the blocks, he had to do the punches, and vice versa – so it was oodles of co-ordination problems!

Then towards the end of the lesson we started doing some more self-defence – this time it was how to defend yourself against the ‘Saturday Night Punch’. Which is what most guys pull when in drunken brawls! It was pretty simple to do but it was quite hard again to achieve the right level of intensity and sharpness to the move, particularly as this move involved pushing up the neck of the attacker – which is very hard for someone with a lack of height added to the mixture!! I spent most of my time hiking up the neck on my tiptoes – even then it wasn’t a strong enough grasp – so I had a go on a black-belt kid who was more my height – much better!!

This move basically involved blocking the punch as it came towards you, twisting their arm and your arm round theirs – and grabbing them around the neck and pushing it up, so you have them in a locked tight grip so they can’t make another attempt, and you can basically be like – do you really wanna continue mate?!

We practiced this for a while and then Rob showed us a few more additions to this move that can get them on the ground and stop them from any other attack towards you. But we didn’t have time to practise this – I was quite glad as it looked pretty damn harsh!

Seeya next lesson!


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