Self-Defence hurts!

14 Nov

So…I’ve fallen behind on my blogging duties and I’m now going to do 3 blog posts…

Blog Post Number 1:

Taekwondo 3rd lesson!

So today’s lesson started with a little routine/structured work, as a part of the warm up. There were lots of kicks, punches and the routine I had learnt in week one (Four Directional Punching).

We then grouped together with Rob and it was time for some self-defence!

Rob started off by showing us a few moves to get practising on. Obviously this was stuff that all the other belts had done before so they were just refreshing, but I hadn’t done this before so got paired with Jo, a black belt.

He showed us where pressure points were for this particular move – it was a move to get yourself out of an attack if someone grabbed you from the front. It’s very difficult to explain – perhaps I can try and get a video of two people doing it at my next/last session! He then showed us each section in the technique and we went away and practiced on each other.

The main pressure points were on the arm that has grabbed you (near the crease in your elbow – side of the arm) and you had to chop this with the bone of your wrist (arm on it’s side), which would then reduce the attacker to a crouch (hitting the pressure point automatically makes their legs give out), making them vulnerable.

I will have you know, that when applied with the right amount of force – this hurts! My arm was red by the end of being the attacker and my wrist hurt when I was the victim! It’s also good to grab hold of the attackers wrist before doing this chop, as there are pressure points here to, and you have more control over the attacker. I guess in a way the technique we learnt was a Freeing technique, as it allowed you to free yourself from grip of the attacker so that you could run away.

We then also learnt further moves in this technique that would enable you to then go on to hit the pressure points in their neck, their face etc, (yes this hurts!) and throw/twist them to the ground – all from just one arm grab!

I was a little uncertain at first, as I’d never done anything like this before, and it took me a while to apply the right amount of pressure and act quick enough – I was afraid of hurting Jo and myself – but as they both said, in a real situation you wouldn’t be thinking that! However at the end I came out feeling like I had really learnt something useful and found it so eye-opening – I actually realized that in an attack – I probably wouldn’t last or survive more than 2 seconds!! So I’m considering taking a few self-defence lessons to help me out after this challenge is over!


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