The penultimate lesson…a beginners guide!

14 Nov

So…It’s my penultimate lesson – my last one is 15th November!

Blog Post Number 3:

Taekwondo 5th lesson!

Will actually be sorry to leave – I really wanna keep doing the self defence part of it, so may see if I could perhaps come along to those lessons in future!

This lesson there were 3 new people and a white belt who hadn’t been doing it long – score! I wasn’t the only newbie anymore!! I actually felt quite advanced too (pah yea that’s just kidding myself!?) at being able to do some of the moves while the 3 newbies watched and were taught.

After the warm up we split off into groups; the rest of the club went to carry on with some more advance versions of what we did last week. Us ‘newbies’ were taken off to the side and given a very thorough introductory lesson – it was quite nice as I learnt some things as a beginner again that I, being the only new one for a while, didn’t get a chance to do before.

The instructor, one of the black belts, told us the background about Taekwondo, and taught us some basic moves, such as the correct way of punching, standing – at ease, ready, stance, turn around – the correct way to move and punch and the respectfulness of the art (you must bow when entering and leaving the hall, and bow when the class has ended to thank your instructor). Me and the girl who was a white belt stood at the front while he was showing us as an example to the newbies – I’ve never been at the front of the line (you form lines going up by belt colour – Black belt front, white or yellow belt back) so this was quite exciting!

He taught us how you should hold your fist (thumb under and hit with the first two knuckles) and you must always kick with a flexed foot otherwise you can hurt your toes (yes it does hurt). We then used the punch pad and lined up to practise our kicks and punches from our correct stance/holding positions.

At first we did it a couple of times to get the hang of it, then we had to give it some welly! And I found out with the football style kick that it can hurt your foot quite badly if you don’t hit it on the front of your foot properly and instead hit your toes! We tried a few on each side, left and right, kicks and punches. Some getting it better than others (I think the newbies have done some other contact sport of some kind cos they could hit and kick pretty damn hard!) This summed up most of the lesson, we just kept practicing different kicks and punches against

the pad. I did enjoy having a beginners lesson, even though it was towards the end of my 6 lessons it was nice to go back to the beginning after doing some of the harder things – and I find I have been given the opportunity to try out all aspects of the sport, from beginner, to hard routines and blocks/kicks to self-defence – all of it has been eye opening and thoroughly enjoyable! So…I shall revisit my blog after my last lesson…I’m hoping the newbies will turn up!

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