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18 Apr

So, I promised I’d keep you all informed about whats happening on the training and sports front…unfortunately there are no pictures on this blog yet – but check back after 1st and 6th May and I garantee there will be plenty!! :-S

Well my pre-training for the two Race For Life’s is underway (this is because I need to get my body used to some form of exercise so its not too shocked when I start my actual training and to try and get a little fitter so I can cope with these Olympic Sports!), plus when I dedicate myself to something, I do like to try and give it ‘All I Have to Give’ at 110% (pahahaha). So since the end of March, as well as walking to work I’ve convinced myself to walk between 2-3km each day on my way home and for those days I feel like giving myself a push I walk 4.5km. Then at the weekend I’m trying to walk at least 5km – this weekend I managed a 5k and the weekend before I managed 8k (yup that’s me all over – do everything backwards!)

When our actual training starts in May, I will be sticking to an official training plan but also to push myself a little harder I’m going to add my usual 2-3km a day walk home and even try a little interval training ( for those unfamiliar to this its where I jog for short bursts to get the heart rate up and then walk for longer periods, to get the heart rate down). For those who know me, running or jogging is NOT something I’ve ever really done, so I’m making your sponsor money worth while! lol Who knows – maybe I’ll even be able to jog some of the 5k???

In terms of The Gold Challenge, me and Yvette have some things booked!!!!!!

Yes, we have our Horse Riding Assessment Session booked for Sunday 1st May with the College of West Anglia Equine Centre, Milton. We will be assessed by an experienced trainer to decipher a level at which to learn and a training/lesson plan to continue with. After that we will book semi-private lessons (so we can both learn together) and will probably spread this out over a couple of months as the lessons are quite expensive.

We then also have our first Trampolining lesson scheduled in for Friday 6th May. We will be taking these with Comberton Tiggers Trampoline Club until the half term at the end of May (if we love it we’ll stay on until the end of July) – sounds really cool right?! Well, we’re going to be with the ‘Adults’ – this being over 15’s – which scares me slightly as they are still technically children and I am gonna look a right wally next to them! However I reckon it’ll be a right old laugh at least!

So thats update number one – watch this space for pictures and shiz in May – that’s when it all really begins…

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Christina’s Gold Challenge Sponsor Page


Welcome to our Gold Challenge Blog! (The Madness of it all!)

10 Apr


O…M…G…What have I signed myself up for?! (and Yvette too – we’re in this madness together!)

Archery, Swimming, Judo, Tennis, Taekwondo, ROWING (?!), Canoeing, Trampolining, Horse Riding and Fencing…seriously…are we mad? The logical answer to that is YES! But when you consider why we are doing it, perhaps its the least madest thing in the world…

Now its no Marathon or anything, but who really ever signs themselves up to do 10 sports in a year? I’ve deliberately not chosen any Atheltics/Track or team sports, because that would be signing myself up for failure and thats not what this is about, I don’t want to fail and I do want to enjoy the experience if I can (haha). Some of them I have tried before (if anything, just a taster session) and some of them are completely new to me. Its going to cost a fortune but this is about trying new sports, seeing how far I can push myself without killing myself in the process and ultimately completing every one of them for sponsorship towards helping an amazing Charity, who help amazingly brave people.

Everyone who knows me (Christina) well, knows I am the least sportiest person ever, the most I’ve ever done is Dance, and according to the Olympics, its not even a proper ‘sport’ so there you go! I’m more likely to hit a head than a target board, drown than swim, break a bone than trampoline, cry at the first touch of self defence, collapse at even the thought of a few hours rowing, let alone 6 weeks of circuit training ON TOP of it, capsizing in a canoe – errr I think not – and can you honestly see me get up onto a horse? – let alone ride it?!

Actually doing sport, is like asking me to jump off a cliff into the raging sea – I just wouldn’t choose to do it! The last time I did anything sport-wise, was my (thank the lord) last Games lesson in High School – which I almost always tried to skyve out of! Among some of our awful excuses, such as ‘I fell down the stairs last night’, ‘I hurt my hand/legs/arms/head’ and the lame one of ‘I have very bad period pains’, I remember in middle school me, Linzie, Emma and Laura managed to skip a whole term of lessons to stay in and play (very bad) badminton instead, by writing letters from our ‘Doctors’ saying we weren’t allowed to play very physical sport for 6 weeks – somehow our teacher believed this – and let us off! (I think personally she knew how bad we were and really didn’t want us on her teams.)

So the fact I (+ Yvette are) completing not only a 5k and 10k race for life but a TEN SPORT charity challenge is beyond my belief let alone all of yours! Our blog will keep you informed about our trials, pain, laughs and dare I even say it – fun? We’ll post after each training session and for each new sport we’ll give you the low-down on what we have to do. There will also be alot of very bad pictures and videos of us in training! You’ll be so informed and involved, you’ll practically be smelling our sweat!

In order to complete the challenge we have to clock at least 5 hours of coached lessons (and from what I keep getting told “being coached in a sport is completely different from doing it as a pastime or for fun”) but me being me, has decided that, oh no, 5 hours of torture isn’t enough – so at least 6 weeks of torture in each sport is!!???? And it doesn’t stop there, for every £50 raised over my £300 target, I have to complete ANOTHER sport! ‘This is going to be a plethora of what I would say, ‘such funs”!!

However a few sports is nothing compared to what some people face when being diagnosed with a terminal illness, so we can surely go through a year of pain, endurance and fitness testing, and new experiences to help give money towards the care and hope needed for thousands of people, and who knows. . . we may even end up enjoying some of them? (Did you believe those words? Nope neither did I, oh dear. . .)

To sponsor Christina please visit: and click on the big, fat, orange SPONSOR ME button! 🙂

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